Azores - Europe's "lost world
or "mysterious islands"
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JUNE 2023
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Exciting journeys with Lena Grechkovskaya
  • Active adventures with fun company: trekking and climbing (even beginners can cope). You're sure to be surprised by your physical abilities
  • Exploring and solving the mysteries of the Algar do Carvao cave (volcanic crater). This place holds many secrets. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to find the answer
  • Dizzying views, stunning photos and videos. Millions of likes are guaranteed
  • Meet the happiest cows in the world. Azorean milk and butter is said to be the best in the world. Shall we put it to the test?
  • Cozy, soulful evenings with new friends. Remember what it was like at camp? It will be the same but even cooler
wild unspoilt nature, no crowds of tourists even in high season, the island's stunning location make it a real green mecca.
Fly from Lisbon to São Miguel Island.

Just over an hour in the sky and you're already breathing in the ocean air and anticipating an exciting adventure. Hotel accommodation, a few formalities and, finally, relaxation, acquaintance and warm communication.
Freedom, clean air and crazy colours. Photoshopped on. Ready to see it with your own eyes?

You are sure to visit Furnas hot springs with boiling cauldrons and hot streams. At your leisure, you can stroll through the botanical garden Terra Nostra or visit the thermal pool. And to finish the day we will taste meat and vegetables stewed in the hot earth of the Furnas valley - the traditional dish of Cozido das furnas was once part of the crater of a huge underwater volcano.
Ready for a real adventure?
Meet whales and dolphins in the open Atlantic Ocean. Seeing whales in person is on many people's wish list. And you get to have it. Believe me, it is a fascinating sight.

You will see Ilhe de Vila Franca do Campo. It used to be part of the crater of a huge underwater volcano. Here you will understand what exoticism is all about.
Have you ever seen a lake with two colours?
Lake Sete Cidades, one part of which is green and the other part blue. You will discover the stunning legend of this place and once again convince yourself of the power of nature.

A fascinating trek along the lake awaits you. The views will send shivers down your spine. And your voice can only say, "Wow!"
In the evening, in the sunset, you will plunge into the warm water of the ocean, which is heated by volcanic springs. The experience is unreal.
On the fifth day we will travel to the island of Terceira. You will stroll through the narrow streets of Angra do Heroismo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

There are large supermarkets and small shops where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. And if you want to keep active, there are plenty of water activities to choose from.
This day is dedicated to a walk around the island. You will visit the crater of the Algar do Carvao volcano, feel its breath, walk to the Furnas do Enxofre cave and, of course, meet the happiest cows.

Why are they so happy? How could they not be, with so much greenery around them: sequoias and ferns.
At the end of the walk, treat yourself to some delicious ice cream and great steaks.
Fly to Fayal Island. It is also called the 'blue island'. Many buildings and roadsides are painted in this colour. You'll walk through the seaside town of Orta.

You will feel like you are in the Middle Ages. You'll feel the spirit of seafaring at Marina da Horta. Visit the colourful Peter cafe Sport. More than 100 years old. Here yachtsmen celebrate the transatlantic crossing. The atmosphere is a must-visit. Ready?
Once again, volcanoes. There are many of them, they are different and so inviting. You will see the crater of the long-extinct volcano Caldeira do Cabesa. Be sure to walk around it, weather permitting.

Drive to the Capelinhos volcano. The last time it erupted was in 1958. And, of course, admire the mesmerizing lunar scenery.


The holidays are coming to an end, but the journeys don't end.
Our friendly bunch will be heading to Piku Island. Ready to challenge yourself? Then you'll climb Mount Piku, which is 2351 metres high.

We will climb 1,000 metres and you will be rewarded with breathtaking views and unadulterated mountain air. The walk will take the whole day (4-4,5 hours for ascent and 3,5 hours for descent).

If you want to finish your break in a relaxed way, go for a bike ride or an island excursion. Believe me, the beauty at the foot of the island is no less breathtaking.
That's it! Slow down and relax. Taste the local wines, stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage vineyards. Leaf through the photos, share your emotions and dream of a new journey.
We don't say goodbye, we say "See you soon!"
How is the journey going?
The tour is ideal for those who adore nature, want to get away from the noise of the metropolis and take a break from the hustle and bustle. There will be no 60-person bus and no roll-call after every stop.

We travel in a group of up to 8 people: close-minded, adventurous and energetic. You yourself will create an atmosphere of comfort and ease of communication.

The trip is well thought out in every detail: excursions, walks, adventures and tastings. But be prepared for the vagaries of nature. You can see all the seasons in one day. And believe me, you can bend the plan for the sake of it. Where else in Europe will you look into the eyes of nature?
The vast expanses of green and vast metropolises, majestic mountains and unexplored depths, the best hotels in the world and romance under the stars. The unrealistic emotions, drive and adventure you've been waiting for.
Tour price includes:

  • Local flights and transfers to tourist sites;
  • Double occupancy in 4-5* hotels. For single and family accommodation the price is to be negotiated individually;
  • Excursion services in Russian, including entrance fees to nature reserves;
Breakfast in hotels, lunch on the 2nd and 3rd day of the trip;

Self-pay is payable on your own:
  • Schengen visa;
  • International flights to Lisbon;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Meals (lunches, dinners, snacks);
  • Individual entertainment (water sports, bars, etc.)
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