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Tour November 2022. Namibia. Sossusflei sand dunes

Tour November 2022. Namibia. Sossusflei sand dunes

  • Almost in the heart of the famous Namib Desert are the beautiful sand dunes called Sossusflei or Sossusvlei 

These are some of the highest dunes in the world. These dunes are situated over an ancient fossilised desert, forming a base of sandstone.

  • Nearby is the famous Dead Valley (originally DeadVlei), located just 2.5 kilometres to the south. As a rule of thumb, any traveller who makes it here is bound to visit both places. So don't forget to visit Dead Valley when arriving in Sossusflei Valley. You'll be amazed at the trees that "grow" in it.
The world's tallest dunes Sossusflei; Tour November 2022. Namibia. Friends Travel Club

These 2 unique places we will visit on our 'Wonders of Namibia' jeep tour

  • When: 20.11.2022 to 04.12.2022
Where to: Namibia, Africa

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